Negative Space Logos

25 Logos that have effectively utilized negative space

Negative is not always bad. That's what many of today's logos suggests. Designers have intelligently and effectively utilized the negative space to come up with creative designs. We have picked up a few of such logos from the portfolios of our users who have contributed their logo designs from across the globe. Here are those logos for our inspiration.

by katzee

The negative space within the letter A is used to draw the arrow head.

Muse&Amuse logo
by daria-epicantus

The negative space within the & is beautifully used to create the lady.

by daria-epicantus

The negative space used to create the dark shades of the face and hat.

by creativemind

The thunder bolt is created in the negative space between L and T.

Futuric Music
by samdzine

The negative space shows the F.

Fisher Nursery
by creativemind

The negative space within the leaf is used to create the letter F.

GD Tapes
by katzee

The logo is done with the tape symbol. it has letters G and D and also the negative space is used as T.

by alfanso

The negative maple leaf has been used here that symbolizes canada.

DP Clinic
by Brainwire

The negative space within d and p is used as the medical plus symbol

Central electricals
by katzee

The logo is created with letters C and E. The negative space is given an electric plug design.

Eco Square
by Brainwire

Eco Square - the logo with four squares. One of the squares has the leaf drawn as negative space.

by creativemind

The negative space showing a leaf..

by Mr. Blonde

The negative space creates the ninja sword.

Triple S
by innovasign

The negative space is used to draw the three "S" letters.

by Logoniseme

The negative space can been seen as a medical cross.

by innovasign

Negative space for an "N".

by voodoo

The negative space is used as upper portion of an arrow.

Emerald Dental
by BrainWire

Logo for a dental clinic. The negative space within "E" and "D" shows a tooth.

by lojke

Logo design for house cleaning company. Main idea is negative space house between letter "E" and "X".

art jobs
by samdzine

The pencil uses some negative space.

by voodoo

The flame of the torch is in negative space.

ABC Electrician
by innovasign

Quite common. B is negative.

by voodoo

N is create in negative space of the thw 7s.

Sigma forward
by Blacklisted

The negative space with the sigma sign is used to show the arrow.

by samdzine

The negative space used to show one of the hands of the star.

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Nice list. Thanks for

Nice list. Thanks for sharing.

These are all awesome, I am

These are all awesome, I am so impressed with your work guys, this seems to be the perfect place to start learning about web design. I've also found inspiration and support in Phoenix Web Design, they also have a really great creative team.


Great collection

Liked them all.


EXpert logo



Logos are my weak point .... but it seems that this website offers a lot of inspiration. Bravo!
Dan - Romania&Vietnam

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I am searching more detail about this article, logo design, Its very interesting and useful for all.




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