Adding Quickview Functionality

Hello All!!

For the last few days I was thinking to put a slide-show kind of functionality to the site. I came up with this quickview thing. Now you can view the entries in a quick and easy way.

Here is a sample about how it looks.

Also, this is implemented at different levels throughtout the site. Below are the details.

1. Quickview is added to different blocks of the front page

  • Recent Logos
  • Logo of the day
  • Editor's Choice
  • Recent Website Designs
  • Recent Miscellaneous Graphic Designs

2. Quickview is added to the Entry Galleries and Awards Gallery. That includes:

  • Entry Gallery
  • Entry of the day Gallery
  • Editor's Choice Gallery

3. Quickview is added to the different sections of individual portfolio. That includes:

  • User's Portfolio Entries
  • User's Awards

Let me know if have any additional questions or suggestions.


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Thanks for the share, this

Thanks for the share, this will work for me.

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Busy z Koszalina do Niemiec

Your www is incredible, can't wait for more updates
busy do niemczech