Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I have created my About Page. How do I edit it?

The "About" page is editable. Click on the Title of your "about me" page. You will able to see the "Edit" Tab. Clicking on the edit tab will take you to the edit page.

2. What image size do I use so that it fills the box properly?

The absolute size is mentioned under the image textbox on the upload page. It's different for different types.
Here is the list:

  • Logo: 650x520pixels
  • Website Header: 800x200 pixels
  • Stationery: 540x360 pixels
  • Website Design: 540x580 pixels
  • Miscellaneous Graphic Designs: 800x600 pixels

3. How do I upload my profile/user picture?

The profile picture could be uploaded from your user account page. Click on the "My account" link on the Menu to go to your accounts page.

4. How do I edit the details of my logo or any other graphic that I have previously uploaded?

When in the full view page of a graphic, the author will be able to see an "edit" tab at the top. You can go to the edit tab to update any details like description, keywords etc. Please note that you will not be allowed to change the picture. If you need to change the picture, please delete the current entry and upload the new one.

5. How do I delete my logo or any other graphic that I have previously uploaded?

Delete button is located on the edit page. This button should be used to delete an entry.

6. How do I delete account or deactivate my account?

Please send an email using the contact form (the link is in the menu).

7. Why is my logo not featured in the front page?

Even if you have a great design it may still not be featured if it does not add to the aesthetics on to the front page. Few of the reasons could be:

  • Size of the actual mark may be too large that covers the entire area without leaving proper empty space for bordering.
  • Positioning is not correct or some portion crops out after system resizing/cropping.
  • Multiple design variation put on the same canvas. If you have variation put then on separate files and upload as variations.
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