How it works is a place to showcase your imagination and creativity for Corporate Identity, Branding and much more. It also provide a place for the corporates and business to search on works and contact designers for their needs. Currently, the website provides the following categories: i. Logo ii. Website Headers iii. Stationery Design iv. Website Designs v. Miscellaneous Note: Miscellaneous category is provided for any other category that does does fall under the first four.

Main Features:

1. Browse and Search latest works

i. Gallery

View the latest gallery on the type of work you are looking for.

ii. Portfolio

Browse all portfolios with the browse menu. The "List" options list the portfolios in order of "latest access" to the site. The "Latest" option list the portfolios in order of the recent joining.

Watch out for the latest joinees on the front page.

iii. Watch out for the most recent, most liked, most discussed and most favorite works

Both Gallery and Portfolio items provides you option to view the most recent, most liked, most discussed and most favorite works.

  • Most Recent - Latest submission
  • Most Liked - The entries with most number of "Like it" hits
  • Most Discussed - The entries with most number of comments
  • Most Favorite - The entries which has been added to the favorite list of maximum number of users

iv. Search by keywords and descriptions

Search menu helps you find anything specific you are looking for.

2. Bookmark the works or portfoilio you like

i. Add to favorites. provides you the functionality to add any work that you like to your favorites.

ii. Add to hotlist

You can easily hot list a portfolio for later reference. Use the "hotlist" ling on the user's portfolio page.

Note: Your favorite and hotlisted items can be viewed from your "Links" panel on your "My Accounts" page.

3. Build your Portfolio and share it with the world

i. Build your about page

The about page provides you the option to create a page writing about yourself or your company. Use the "Create your about page now" button on "my portfolio" link to create it.

ii. Upload your work

Upload your work through the upload menu.

iii. Manage your portfolio

The website provides you with the ability to sequence your work in the order you want to display. Use the cross arrow to drag the items around.

Use the "Arrange Order" panel on your portfolio to access those pages.

Here is a sample portfolio view.

iv. Share

Share it with the world with this widget.
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4. Receiving rating and comments from others

Your entries can be viewed, liked, rated and commented by others. The entry detail page shows you the statistics, rating and comments.

5. Rate and comment on other's work

i. Comment

You can provide your feedback and comment on other's work.

ii. Rate

While commenting on other's work you can provide a rating. (1 thru 5 stars)

iii Like

You can "Like" a work just by clicking the "Like it" button.

6. Awards

There are two types of awards for an entry. These are awarded by the admin.

7. Talk

Use the forum to "Talk".

8. Contact

i. Contact Others

Use the contact form on other's portfolio page to send private messages to them.

ii. Read your Private Messages

Use the "Message" or the "PM" link to go to your mailbox.

Mailbox shows you your inbox and the sent items.

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