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I am a 24 year old, mostly self taught, dedicated, English born Graphic Designer and Blogger (and general design geek), who has also lived in Greece, Spain, travelled Europe and America, and will soon, reside in Australia with my wonderful husband Ben. My life evolves around design. It is my work, my passion, and my hobby. I also love cheesy crisps!

I am a focused young woman who uses her variety of cultural experiences, to conceptualise exciting designs that captivate a wide array of clientèle, and target the apropriate demographic by evoking emotion specific to each project. With an aim to excel at the highest industry standard, and working well individually or as part of a team, I continuously strive to provide a service exceeding both client and employer expectations.

I have loved all things creative from a very young age, and started off my graphic design journey by creating advertising for gyms in the UK, when working as a fitness instructor. Soon realising that Graphic Design was my true passion, (and devoting any spare time to it), I got my first design job in a small printing shop. Later the next year I moved to Marbella, Spain to study Graphic Design with the vision to become a professional designer. Since then, I founded Musa Dzine (, an online Graphic Design and Multimedia company.

We collaborate with clients from around the world, including Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Asia and the UK and cover a wide array of disciplines in our work. Our approach to visual communication is driven by my close attention to context and detail that derives from researching the industry of the design, it´s history, designs that have been successful, and current styles and trends that are related to the design brief.

I love being part of a motivated, creative, likeminded team, and commit myself to sustaining a high market competitiveness for the company by producing functional and sophisticated graphics, that assure the client’s message is delivered and received effectively.

I also have a strong passion for animal welfare, and devote my spare time to working for a local animal shelter in Spain (Paws-Patas) as a Graphic/Web Designer, blogger, fund-raiser and general volunteer at the shelter. I have also looked after 6 foster animals within the past year which includes a puppy Gini, 4 kittens (who have found themselves loving homes) and Asina, a very sweet female daschund-cross who is still with us.

Other hobbies include reading and writing design blogs, reading design books and magazines, learning Spanish, tattooing and reading tattoo magazines, travelling, health & fitness, outdoor and water sports, going to the beach and eating at nice restaurants.

Misc: Do Not Mistake Legibility For Communication
Misc: Tattoo Machine Illustration
This was my first ever vector piece.
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