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by  dsmith 
| Fri, 12 Apr, 2013

If a logo concept or final design is too complicated, it may not communicate your business effectively. This is not a good thing because communication is very important in branding.

When focusing on a simple bakery logo design , there are several steps you can follow to help improve the chances that your logo is a success. Among the 3 steps to focus on are colors, symbols or graphics, and copy or words.

Focus on one graphic or symbol when designing a logo. If you use more than one graphic, question why. If you have valid reason to use all graphics or symbols, then by all means do so. If not, you may want to eliminate any graphics that you do not need. You can also consider combining extra graphics. The logo for Walmart is a good example of a logo which minimizes graphics in its logo design. The logo for Apple is another great example.

When designing a logo, concentrate on the use of words. If you have too many words, the logo may not communicate as effectively. For example, eliminate any unnecessary words such as corporation, limited, or INC. These words may be used when your logo is needed in a business document. The logo for Target is a great example of a logo design which maximizes communication by eliminating words. In fact, sometimes the logo just uses the "Target" symbol with no words.

When choosing colors for your logo design and concepts, try to use only a couple of colors. This may help to communicate your logo but may also help save you money when printing business cards and brochures. Too many colors can sometimes make a logo too busy and complicated while less colors can make it refreshing.

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